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Searching for a High Speed Satellite Internet Provider? 

When searching for the right high speed satellite internet provider for you or your family's needs. There are several things to consider.

Look for these Features and Benefits:

A.  Service plans that are cost effective.

High speed satellite internet providers can charge significantly different prices for services that can be similar in comparison. 

B.  Speed! That meet or exceed your needs!

The top high speed satellite internet service offers download speeds up to 15Mbps! Compare to others at 12Mbps all the way down to 3Mbps!

C.  Limits that arenít too limiting.

Because of something called "fair access", every high speed satellite internet provider must limit the amount of data each user may upload and download.  Make sure your data limits are metered monthly rather than daily. Some days you will certainly use much more data than others. The best service plans will offer a monthly allowance not limited by daily increments.

D.  Simple to use equipment is good!

Your certified installer will install and calibrate your satellite receiving dish. Then your high speed satellite internet provider will give you a modem to connect to your computer.  Next your installer will string a cable from your modem to your receiving dish.  Thatís it!

E. Excellent Customer Care and Technical Support

You should insist on live 24/7 customer care that is actively rated by we the consumers. There is only one high speed satellite internet provider that maintains an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Can you guess which one?


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